25mm carbon mtb wheels 29er 30mm width 36T Ratchet drive mountain bicycle wheelset TMC9325

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25m carbon mtb wheels 29er 30mm width 36T Ratchet drive mountain bicycle wheelset TMC9325

  Serenade 25mm carbon fiber 29er wheels the new flagship of the current Serenade hub series come with many great features. The freewheel technology is based on a ratchet drive made of hardened tool steel with 36 and 60 teeth which engage synchronously. This means a small pedal stroke with a more direct power transmission and low wear of the drive. The Shimano freehub is equipped with the new Spline Protection System (SPS) which protects the freehub against bite marks of the cassette. The hub shell is forged and CNC machined for maximum durability. The angled hub flange allows the spokes to be aligned more optimally and tensioned more evenly. The double-sealed industrial bearings ensure the smooth running of the hub.LipLock Seal technology end caps effectively protect the bearings, sit stable in the hub and automatically ensure the perfect preload of the bearings (no annoying adjusting of bearing play necessary). The end caps are exchangeable as usual without special tools by simply pulling off and ensuring high compatibility for different axle systems. Shimano Micro spline and Sram XD standard compatible freehubs will be supplied ready to take 11speed Road or MTB cassettes. 

Product Features

Wheels Model: 30mm wide carbon Mtb wheels 29er


Model: TMC9325

Rim External width: 30mm

Rim inner width: 25mm

Rim depth: 25mm

Offset: 0mm

Erd: 590mm

Weight: 310 gr

Type: Hookless

Tubeless: Ready

Weight Limit: 95kgs

Finish: UD paintless

Spoke Tension: ≤125kgf recommended


Model: Serenade bikes M60

Front: 100 x 5mm quick release, 100 x 12mm, 100 x 15mm, 110 x 15mm

Rear: 135 x 5mm quick release, 142 x 12mm, 148 x 12mm.

Ratchet: 36T

Weight: 359 gr


Sapim cx-ray, Pillar 1420, Pillar wing 10

Colour: Black


AL7075 black

Wheelset weight:

Front and rear wheel total weight: 1260 +/- 5% gr


Spare spoke 2 pieces, Tubeless tape, Valve.