Design for Road Gravel All-road bicycle 55mm carbon bike wheelset

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Unleash Your Gravel Adventure with the Allroad Carbon Wheelset: 55mm Depth and 31mm Wide, Lightweight at 1460gr

Revolutionize your gravel riding experience with our Allroad Carbon Wheelset. Crafted specifically for gravel bikes, these wheels feature 55mm depth and 31mm width carbon rims, delivering a remarkable blend of strength and aerodynamic efficiency. With a weight of just 1430 grams, this wheelset offers an exceptional lightness that enhances your bike's performance on any terrain.

The UD paintless matte finish adds an understated elegance to your bike, while the 24mm internal clincher rim allows for easy tire installation and a secure fit. Embrace the versatility of the tubeless-ready design, and enjoy the benefits of lower tire pressure and enhanced puncture resistance, giving you peace of mind during challenging gravel rides.

Each wheel in this wheelset boasts 24 spokes, built with the superior Pillar 1420 spokes which strike an optimal balance between strength and weight. This ensures reliability and stability in all conditions, giving you the confidence to conquer any gravel adventure.

Upgrade your gravel bike with the Allroad Carbon Wheelset, and experience the perfect harmony of lightweight design, aerodynamics, and durability. Unleash your full potential and dominate the gravel trails with confidence and style.

Product Features

Wheels Model: 55mm Depth and 31mm Wide all road carbon wheelset


Rim External width: 31mm

Rim inner width: 24mm

Rim depth: 55mm

Offset: 0mm

Erd: 530mm

Weight: Clincher 450gr, Tubular 380gr

Type: Hookless, Hooked, Tubular

Tubeless: Ready

Weight Limit: 120kgs

Finish: UD paintless

Spoke Tension: ≤125kgf recommended


Model: Serenade SR032

Front: 12x100 mm thru-axle

Rear: 12x142 mm thru-axle

Number of holes: 24 holes

Brake disc mount:  Center lock

Weight: 287 gr,

Freehub: XDR, Shimano 11s (HG)


Sapim cx-ray, Pillar 1420,

Colour: Black


AL7075 black

Wheelset weight:


Pillar 1423 weight: 1530 +/- 5% gr

Pillar 1420 weight: 1430 +/- 5% gr 

Sapim CX-ray weight: 1430 +/- 5% 


Spare spoke 2 pieces, Tubeless tape, Valve.