Front 60mm rear 88mm tubeless Time trial bike carbon wheels carbon road bike wheelset DT350 hub

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Time trial bikes are also popular with triathletes competing in non drafting triathlons and Ironman events.

You don’t need a time trial bike to take part in a time trial or triathlon, but if you want to maximise your performance and go as quick as possible, you should look to use one.

This is because they have different geometry to normal road bike which enables the rider to adopt a much more aerodynamic position.

Forward facing tri-bars enable you to get your arms and body narrow, a shorter head tube helps achieve a lower more aggressive position, while the seat tube angle will be steeper, positioning the rider over the bottom bracket and further forward on the bike.

Time trial bike carbon wheels front 60mm rear 88mm tubeless carbon road bike wheelset DT Swiss 350

Product Features

Front wheel:

Rim: 25mm wide 60mm deepth

Tire: Tubeless readuy / Clincher / Tubular

Carbon fiber weave: UD/3K twill 

Hub: DT Swiss 350

Spokes: Sapim cx-ray

Weight:  Tubeless/ Clinhcer 679 +/- 15gr

             Tubular 609 +/- 15gr

Rear wheel:

Rim: 25mm wide 88mm deepth

Carbon fiber weave: UD/3K twill

Tire: Tubeless readuy / Clincher / Tubular

Hub: DT swiss 350

Spokes: Sapim cx-ray

Weight: Tubeless / Clincher 1028 +/- 15gr

            Tubular 855 +/- 15gr