Wavy Shape Carbon 700c Road Bicycle Wheels Asymmetric Hooked Rims TRF4540S

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     The Serenadebieks Navy Sharpe carbon road bicycle wheelset is an impressive upgrade for any cycling enthusiast. With 45mm depth, 28mm wide, 21.5mm internal rims, these wheels have been designed for performance. The UD paintless stock finish adds to the sleek, modern look.

   Paired with the highly-regarded Novatec D411SB D412SB hub, this wheelset delivers both reliability and performance. Moreover, it offers compatibility with both 6 bolts and Center lock disc brakes, giving you versatility in your braking system according to your preference.

    What stands out is the competitive pricing of the Serenadebieks wheelset. It's an affordable way to enhance your cycling experience significantly.

    If you're considering upgrading your carbon fibre bike wheels, the Serenadebieks Navy Sharpe wheelset will take your performance to another level. Its design, flexibility, and price make it a stand-out choice.

Product Features

Wavy Shape Carbon 700c Road Bicycle Wheels Asymmetric Hooked Rims TRF4540S with Novatec D411SB D412SB hub


Rim External width: 28mm

Rim inner width: 21.5mm

Rim depth: 45mm

Offset: 2.5mm

Erd: 540mm

Weight: 395+/-15gr

Type: Hookless, Hooked,

Tubeless: Ready

Weight Limit: 95kgs

Finish: UD paintless

Spoke Tension: ≤125kgf recommended


Model: 411SB-412SB

Front: 12x100 mm thru-axle

Rear: 12x142 mm thru-axle

Number of holes: 24 holes

Brake disc mount:  Center lock

Weight: 320 gr, 

Freehub: XDR, Shimano 11s (HG)


Sapim cx-ray, Pillar 1420, PS1423

Colour: Black


AL7075 black

Wheelset weight:


PS1423  weight: 1430 +/- 5% gr

Pillar 1420 weight: 1330 +/- 5% gr 

Sapim CX-ray weight: 1330 +/- 5% 


Spare spoke 2 pieces, Tubeless tape, Valve.